Providing new telco revenues for brands and MNOs

Offering traditional SIM-based MVNO options, eSIM, or our own proprietary AppVNO service.

Protecting Revenues

Are your revenues being attacked by new digital players? While your network is being used to provide their connectivity? Your call and messaging revenues are decreasing, while activity on their apps increases dramatically? Don’t fight them. Join them.

Offer your customers an exciting new app with your branding, your messaging and your revenues.

New Business Opportunity

Have you spotted a gap in the market? Can you see a niche audience that the existing telcos aren’t supporting? Is you exciting customer base ready for a new telco solution? We can help.

Our off-the-shelf solution means that you can create a new telco offering quickly and easily, supporting your customers and earning new revenue.

International Audience

Do you need a way to reach customers that have moved abroad? Do your customers want a better way to call friends and family internationally? Are you losing revenues to calling cards? Talk to us.

We can offer solutions that allow your users to make roam-free calls, or access international numbers to be like a ‘local’.

Travelling Abroad

Do your customers swap SIMs when they travel abroad? Or do they limit mobile usage to avoid roaming charges? Do you ‘lose’ them whenever they are abroad? We can help you.

Multiple additional numbers without needing to replace the SIM, international calling rates and your branding for your customers, even when they are out of the country.

Ready to launch your own branded mobile service?

x-Mobility is the Mobile Enabler for Hutchison 3UK, providing a white-labeled 4G LTE MVNO services for brands wishing to enter the mobile space.

Case studies and articles

Australia and Vietnam flags combined

G’day, Chào

Here at x-Mobility, we’re saying hello to Australia and Vietnam with Australian and Vietnamese numbers added into our AppVNO service.

Cloud SIM

More Positive AppVNO Registration Figures

Last month we heard that Vyke had hit record numbers of downloads, this month we learn the same about Cloud SIM. Both of them are service providers that are using the x-Mobility AppVNO service and both of them are experiencing a surge of new users – that can’t be a coincidence.

Dramatic Increase in AppVNO Users

Vyke, the original AppVNO, increased its average new net additions by over 50%. 2021 could be the global year of the digital MVNO.


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