A New Digital MVNO for Radio Station

A leading radio station wanted to launch an MVNO, but decided that x-Mobility’s AppVNO service was a better solution.

A New Digital MVNO for Radio Station

Existing Client Base

Many of the businesses we work with have a strong and loyal existing customer base. As a business they are looking for new ways to service those customers, new ways to embed the brand into their lives and new ways to create additional revenues.

This is especially true for those companies who target a youth audience.

This was exactly the case for a media company that approached us. They were the number one radio station for the youth audience in their East African market. They understood that this loyal audience would love to interact even more closely with the brand and that for this audience mobile and digital channels were key.

The media brand also understood that their strong presence in the market meant that they could resolve many of the marketing issues for companies wanting to launch in this space. They already had brand awareness and a channel to market through their radio station, which in turn meant that their marketing costs would be much lower.

They were all ready to go to launch a mobile offering, which is why they got in touch with x-Mobility.


Unfortunately, for many brands that are ready to launch into the mobile space, the expense, time and regulation issues of setting up an MVNO often put them off completely. In this market, MNOs were very reluctant to allow new MVNOs to set up on their networks.

On top of that, would the target audience want a traditional SIM-based offering?

… Or AppVNO?

This is where x-Mobility’s AppVNO solution excels – it is a digital solution for a digital friendly audience.

An AppVNO is an app-based MVNO that can be set up much quicker, cheaper and with less regulation than a tradition MVNO solution. And in this case, it perfectly fitted the target demographic and their digital lives.

An AppVNO is easy for users to download and use and doesn’t require any change to existing behavior – it merely creates a new calling and messaging option for users, along with new numbers to use, including international options if they travel or have international friends, family or business contacts.

Launch Success

For our radio station, x-Mobility’s AppVNO service is quick and easy to launch. It also means that the brand can offer a new, interesting and compelling service to their audience, while also being easy to distribute.

And the virtual nature of the AppVNO service means that the radio station can reach out to users all across its East African territory, creating new, valuable international users.

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