A New Digital MVNO for the African Youth Market

woman in white t-shirt lying on bed

The x-Mobility AppVNOTM solution has powered another really exciting digital MVNO launch – this time BeMobile.

BeMobile has been launched by the leading Kenyan radio brand, NRG Radio, to give the African youth market the opportunity to break away from incumbent MNOs and express themselves with new and exciting digital tools.

“BeMobile will break the stereotypes of mobile and create an iconic youth brand across Africa,” said Kevin Mulei, Group MD of NRG Media. “The youth is the market to WIN. NRG believes in the African Youth Culture and that’s the reason we are launching BeMobile. We will do this partly thanks to the bold and inspiring spirit x-Mobility brings to the telecoms market. They also have years of experience and great digital know-how”

The new digital MVNO launched in November and promises to provide the same vibrant, ‘nrgized’, creative outlet for the youth market that NRG radio already does.

As you probably already know by now, our AppVNO solution allows brands – like NRG – to create a new, digital, mobile service specifically targeted at their audience, with calls, messages, multiple new number profiles (including international numbers) on their existing handset, along withfree calls to friends and family at home or abroad.

Shanks Kulam, co-founder of x-Mobility, believes that BeMobile will be a success because they have, “an existing user base to tap into and a digital offering that can go global.” Meaning that BeMobile can, “deepen existing customer relationships, while also opening up new geographic markets.”

If you would like to do the same, then get in touch.