Announcing our Great Numbers

woman in white crew neck t-shirt holding smartphone

At x-Mobility we’ve got some great numbers to tell you about.

And what we mean by that is the great mobile number ranges that you can buy from us.

Our partnership with Hutchison means that we directly offer UK & Vietnamese mobile numbers, as well France, US & Canada and… well if you have a specific territory you are servicing then talk to us.

More and more consumers want to buy an additional number to complement their primary SIM MSISDN – they want the flexibility to segment work and life on their existing handset (as they can by using our white-label app), to set up a social media number for 2FA/OTP purposes (as all our numbers support both SMS and voice), or even to set up an international number on their handset for business calls or to call back home to friends and family.

Whatever the reason, this is a growing market and x-Mobility can be your partner in it.

We can help you to launch into new international markets via our existing MSISDN ranges, or offer your brand a full white-label of our AppVNOTM platform.

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Photo by Miria Caetano on Unsplash