App eSIM

Provide SIMless access to global data — get in touch

The next evolution in telecoms is choosing from global data plans that best fit your needs, all without a SIM in your device.

For the first time users do NOT need a SIM to subscribe to mobile data plans.
The ability to offer your users access to global data plans on-demand, via a branded consumer app, without the need for SIM swapping, is the next evolution in telecoms.

With x-Mobility’s proven App eSIM data service, you will benefit from:

  • SIMless access to global data plans on any eSIM enabled device
  • Users simply pick a country or region and then pay and enable the data service with a few clicks
  • All fully branded with your artwork and network name, enabling you to launch your own branded App eSIM Data service
  • Current eSIM enabled devices include: all current Apple phones for sale (plus selective iPads), all current Google Pixel phones for sale, Samsung current S20 range, Motorola Razr and many many others

Provide global data plans to your users

All through the x-Mobility branded app.

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