Apps are the Future

We’re certainly not the first people to say that, but we mean apps for making and receiving calls and messages. And the global lockdown seems to made the general public turn to OTT calling apps – and their ease of use, flexibility and additional services – more than ever.

What’s our evidence for this – well, the 400% growth in the purchase of virtual numbers across all the different brands and platforms that are powered by x-Mobility.

That means that four times as many people have purchased an additional number to use on their existing handset. That may be an international number so that they can be ‘local’ for international friends and family, or a new number to give out to people if they are selling online or for giving out over social media.

And of course for the MNOs, MVNOs and brands that we work with, that means new subscribers, more usage and increased ARPU.

People clearly want to talk and more and more of them are using our AppVNOTM service and our virtual numbers to do so.

Our AppVNO service allows you to create a digital network for your users – in effect a digital MVNO. No SIM cards for your users to deal with, just a new app to download and calls and messages sent over data.

And on top of that, users can purchase additional, virtual numbers to use on their existing handset. They can buy multiple international numbers, to give them the appearance of being in that country, or they can add home based numbers to be able to segment different elements of their life – even more important when everyone is working from home.

The purchase of virtual numbers has increased by 400% – maybe you should be offering that option to your users.

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash