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Become a digital MVNO. Use x-Mobility’s AppVNOTM to create a digital network for your user base with a dedicated, branded app.

The whole world is digital now, including the MVNO world. An AppVNOTM is a digital MVNO, allowing you to create a digital telecoms service for your user base with a dedicated, branded app.

The advantage for your users is that they don’t have to swap out SIM cards and end contracts. The advantage for you is that you don’t have to compete with an embedded incumbent, but rather you can complement them, before your wider range of services and better targeting mean that you become the primary telecoms service.

With x-Mobility’s proven AppVNO service, you will benefit from:

  • Set up on any device – you can now add telecoms services to tablets
  • Calls and texts over data – can be used on wifi even when there’s no mobile signal
  • Multiple numbers, including international numbers, allowing your users to establish multiple personas
  • All fully branded with your artwork and network name, launching your own branded app-based telecoms service

Launch your own branded mobile service.

Become a digital MVNO with x-Mobility and create a dedicated, branded app for your users.

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