AppVNO Case Studies

The future of MVNO

See how we work with brands and MNOs to help them to deliver a digital MVNO service. All the requirements of an MVNO, but with digital benefits.

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A New Digital MVNO for the African Youth Market

The x-Mobility AppVNO solution has powered another really exciting digital MVNO launch. BeMobile has been launched by the leading Kenyan radio brand, NRG Radio, to give the African youth market the opportunity to break away from incumbent MNOs and express themselves with new and exciting digital tools.
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GSMA Member Launches Local Mobile Operator for Vanuatu and Tonga

WanTok Pacific Corporation (WPC) is a newly formed operator and member of the GSMA. Thanks to x-Mobility’s digital MVNO service, they have been able to launch a new, local, mobile operator on the islands of Vanuatu and Tonga.

What’s an AppVNO?

An AppVNOis the next evolution for the MVNO market – it is a digital, SIM-less MVNO – and is being pioneered by x-Mobility. The key difference of an AppVNO is that it is a downloadable app on your user’s device – there are no SIM cards involved.