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The Benefits of a Digital MVNO

Digital MVNOs provide a much quicker route to market, with far less up front cost and dramatically reduced logistical and distribution requirements. We find that for many of our clients, especially in markets such as Africa, then launching a digital MVNO is the definitely the way to go. Even if they want to launch a […]
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G’day, Chào

Here at x-Mobility, we’re saying hello to Australia and Vietnam with Australian and Vietnamese numbers added into our AppVNO service.
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More Positive AppVNO Registration Figures

Last month we heard that Vyke had hit record numbers of downloads, this month we learn the same about Cloud SIM. Both of them are service providers that are using the x-Mobility AppVNO service and both of them are experiencing a surge of new users – that can’t be a coincidence.
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Dramatic Increase in AppVNO Users

Vyke, the original AppVNO, increased its average new net additions by over 50%. 2021 could be the global year of the digital MVNO.
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Island ‘WiFi’ Powers Mobile Network

An island with ubiquitous WiFi uses x-Mobility's AppVNO service to power a new mobile network that doesn't need SIM cards.

A New Digital MVNO for Radio Station

A leading radio station wanted to launch an MVNO, but decided that x-Mobility's AppVNO service was a better solution.
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How MNOs can protect against falling revenues

For many MNOs, battling against the OTT players can mean that revenues stagnate, or even worse, decline. Here’s how they could halt that decline.

What’s an AppVNO?

An AppVNOis the next evolution for the MVNO market – it is a digital, SIM-less MVNO – and is being pioneered by x-Mobility. The key difference of an AppVNO is that it is a downloadable app on your user’s device – there are no SIM cards involved.
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Lightning Pitch Video

It was MVNO World Congress last week, but of course with the difference this year that it was a ‘virtual’ event. There were obvious changes to the way the event worked because of the virtual nature of it, but some things don’t change and the quality of the program and the genuine industry excitement were constants […]