Democratising Telecoms

Offering Voice & SMS services via Programmable Cloud Communications is what CPaaS providers do best. They have invested in their API platforms heavily to offer access to their enterprise users in a simple and cost effective way.

x-Mobility, in partnership with long-term MNO partner Three UK, has been enabling access to the CPaaS community since 2014. Fully pre-integrated and interconnected with Three UK’s network, x-Mobility enables brands in as little as a week due to our agile API driven telecoms stack, and has directly enabled dozens of Telecoms OTT apps with programmable telecoms services such as, & CloudSIM.

One area that has seen a rise in CPaaS is in support of the customer experience for apps and platforms. That is why players such as Voxbone ( or Plivo ( have grown as much as they have, and why CPaaS is a great example of a hidden B2B sector that directly affects consumers.

CPaaS is a vital and growing sector of the market. People don’t see it, but it directly affects their daily experience with the tech they use.

Catherine Clark, Head of Interconnect and Roaming, Three