G’day, Chào

woman holding iphone 6 taking photo of yellow and red building

Here at x-Mobility, we’re saying hello to Australia and Vietnam – you probably recognised ‘G’day’, ‘Chào’ is Vietnamese for ‘hi’.

The reason we’re saying hello is that we have deals to put Australian and Vietnamese numbers into our AppVNOTM service. So for any brand or MNO looking to provide a new service for users that live or travel to either country, or that want to reach the large international diaspora from both Australia and Vietnam, then we’re ideally placed to help them.

These deals are about more than just Australia and Vietnam though, they are about our expansion into the Asia-Pac region and the fact that we covering more and more of the globe with our AppVNO service.

Get in touch if you want to say G’day or Chào!