GSMA Member Launches Local Mobile Operator for Vanuatu and Tonga

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WanTok Pacific Corporation (WPC) is a newly formed operator and member of the GSMA. Thanks to x-Mobility’s digital MVNO service, they have been able to launch a new, local, mobile operator on the islands of Vanuatu and Tonga.

To tie-in with the excitement of the launched of WanTok Mobile, WPC has also launched WanTok Money – a low-cost money remittance service – and plans to further its portfolio with additional music and movies services.

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Digital MVNO WanTok Mobile Launches in the Pacific Region

x-Mobility powers new operator launch in Tonga and Vanuatu as WanTok Pacific Corporation adds a full suite of additional telecom services.

London, September 6th, 2021: x-Mobility, the enabler of digital MVNOs, has today announced that it is the x-Mobility AppVNO service that is powering WanTok Mobile’s launch on the Pacific Islands of Tonga and Vanuatu.

Using x-Mobility’s digital MVNO service, WanTok Mobile can provide an ‘over-the-top’ mobile network, with customers subscribing to WanTok Mobile numbers and utilising their existing data and Wi-Fi connections to make low-cost mobile calls, chat and SMS. The x-Mobility service has allowed WanTok Mobile to establish a local mobile operator, run by a local company.

“The x-Mobility solution perfectly fitted our requirements. We have been able to establish a mobile operation, with our own number range, that complements our existing network and infrastructure, without the capital expenditure of a full GSM network,” said Justin Kaitapu, Chief Executive Officer of WanTok Pacific Corporation in Vanuatu.

The ability for a self-enclosed region, or ‘island’, to add mobile services to an existing broadband consumer and business customer base is one that is gaining interest around the world. Any users of the broadband network can make calls and send messages over IP, allowing them to fully access a SIM-free mobile network.

“A digital MVNO is quick and easy to set up and launch and especially so for organisations that have their own mobile number range, an existing broadband customer base and a desire to provide a local mobile service,” said Shanks Kulam, co-founder of x-Mobility. “WanTok Mobile has been able to tap into the desire of its customer base to have an alternative mobile operation, ‘on island’.”

WanTok Mobile launched on September 3rd in Tonga and Vanuatu. WanTok used the impact of the launch of WanTok Mobile to also launch WanTok Money – a low-cost money remittance service – a new brand identity for the business and new broadband plans for consumers and businesses. The brand also plans to further its portfolio with additional music and movies services – all delivered in conjunction with WanTok Mobile.