More Positive AppVNO Registration Figures

man using IP phone inside room

Last month we heard that Vyke had hit record numbers of downloads, this month we learn the same about Cloud SIM. Both of them are service providers that are using the x-Mobility AppVNOTM service and both of them are experiencing a surge of new users – that can’t be a coincidence.

Cloud SIM believes that many of the new registrations are due to changes in lifestyle because of the Covid-19 pandemic – read the full release here – with a greater need for consumers to want to be able to use different phones numbers (all on the same device) for different aspects of their lives. Creating a separate persona and number for work has obviously seen a big rise in the use of AppVNOs.

However, users can also create new profiles for dating or online selling, or even to create an international number, so that they can call friends and family abroad or receive calls as a ‘local’ call. This is also another huge pull for consumers to sign up to AppVNOs and for Cloud SIM in particular they are seeing a big market for this in Asia, with a large proportion of their new downloads coming from that region.

What this proves though, for whatever reason consumers want to use an AppVNO, more and more consumers are using them and they are becoming a part of everyday mobile experience. Users don’t necessarily want to sign up to a new SIM-based MVNO, but they are happy to download an AppVNO solution, especially if that comes from a trusted brand or MNO.