Moving into Mobile

black rotary phone on white surface

To build or buy?

Globally fixed line operators are constantly looking for ways to grow, expand and increase revenues. To do this, some of them have moved into the mobile space – either building their own networks or buying into existing mobile network operators (MNOs).

However, although mobile presents many more opportunities (and more revenues), to build or buy your way in is a very capital intensive approach. And it is an approach that is way beyond the reach of many fixed line operators. Even though, in some territories, they already have a mobile number range, or have relatively easy access to one.

This must be very frustrating for those fixed line providers. They have to watch as their competitors move ahead of them. Knowing that if they could afford the Capex to get into the mobile market, they too could grow.

Digital First

What is needed is a solution that can allow fixed line operators to enter the mobile space without the large Capex investment. A solution that can also allow them to maximise their existing and installed fixed and Wi-Fi infrastructure. A solution that can allow them to use their mobile number range without having undertake the massive investment to build or buy their own network.

All of this is possible with a digital MVNO, or AppVNOTM, service.

A digital MVNO provides all the benefits of a traditional MVNO, but without SIM cards – reducing the cost and logistical hassles for the operator and making life simpler for the user.

But within months – and at a massively reduced Capex cost – a fixed line operator can be offering mobile services to its current user base. Those mobile services include free on-network calls and messages, multiple numbers on the same device – including international numbers and turning a tablet into a phone!

Digital MVNOs offer an outstanding opportunity for fixed line operators to offer a new mobile service to their existing customers – taking advantage of innovative deals and bundles; on a fully branded app-based mobile service; with minimal capital outlay or time to market.