New Business Opportunity

When you’ve spotted a new business idea it’s an exciting time. To help you deliver on this you need a partner that can support you all the way.

x-Mobility has been the dedicated partner of Hutchinson 3 UK for over a decade, demonstrating our expertise in the sector, while our proprietary AppVNO solution highlights our forward thinking approach.

We are the ideal partner for you to explore your new opportunity. We can:

– work with you to create a new, branded app-based calling and messaging service that will target the niche audience that you have discovered

– help you create a new ‘feel at home’ service for your diaspora users. They can use new virtual number subscriptions to allow them to stay in touch with ‘local’ numbers

– provide super low cost calling rates so that you can create a new offering for travellers

– provide the technology so that you can launch a ‘licence free’ digital MNO service in any country without the need for spectrum, licences, or infrastructure

– offer MNO UK number ranges enabled for Voice, SMS & MNP so that you can run your CPaaS (Carrier-Provider-As-A-Service) business

And if your business opportunity isn’t covered by one of these, then get in touch to discuss it, as we’re sure we could help.

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