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July 2020: Follow Me Talk launching new MVNO in Kenya

Feb 2020: x-Mobility launches African MNO&MVNO with digital AppVNO services

Oct 2018: x-Mobility enabled Polish MVNO, Klucz Mobile with digital AppVNO services

April 2018: “Embracing a new type of MVNO” Shanks Kulam CoFounder of x-Mobility interview;

September 2016: x-Mobility AppVNO & MVNO ONOFF App and FreedomPop featured in BBC’s technology programme Click

July 2016: “Wales to launch UK’s first ‘provincial’ Mobile Network” x-Mobility launches Welsh MVNO RWG;

April 2016: x-Mobility disrupts the MVNO model; Mobile Today

September 2015: “x-Mobility expands its MVNA capabilities to 4G, Volte and OTT services” Telefonica signs agreement with x-Mobility to enable MVNO/OTTs with Video Calling; Bloomberg Business

July 2015: “MVNOs get OTT boost as Three extends partnership” Hutchison 3UK extends partnership with x-Mobility by signing as their OTT Aggregator;–.aspx

July 2015: “x-Mobility launches FreedomPop; Q&A: FreedomPop CEO and founder Stephen Stokols” Hutchison 3UK extends partnership with x-Mobility by signing as their OTT Aggregator; European Communications

July 2012: “x-Mobility launches Samba Mobile’s advert-supported 3G Data service in UK”

April 2012: Tech Magazine WIRED featuring x-Mobility’s CMO & Co-Founder Shanks Kulam WIRED

February 2012: “Three teams up with x-Mobility to offer MVNO connectivity in Ireland” Silicon Republic

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