Protecting Revenues

Protecting and growing revenues is key to any business. We know that in the telecoms world there are a number of threats to your revenue, so we want to help.

Whether the threats to your business come from the OTT players using your network to grow their subscriber numbers, or because you ‘lose’ your customers every time they travel abroad, x-Mobility can help.

Our MVNO services, and especially our AppVNO, can help you to fight back.

For example, x-Mobility can help you:

– establish your own, branded OTT calling and messaging app that your subscribers could use both nationally and internationally, helping you to recover any lost international voice and SMS revenues

– stop losing your subscribers to ‘SIM-swapping’ when they travel abroad – instead they could use your roam-free branded app when they travel

– create new, digital-first revenue streams by offering new services such as a virtual mobile number for your subscribers on their existing handset

– generate new, digital-first international revenues by targeting your diaspora with a dedicated, branded service, delivered through our Telco-OTT app.

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