What’s an AppVNO?

An AppVNOTM is the next evolution for the MVNO market – it is a digital, SIM-less MVNO – and is being pioneered by x-Mobility.

The key difference of an AppVNO is that it is a downloadable app on your user’s device – there are no SIM cards involved.

There are clear benefits to the user for this approach. The most obvious is that they can keep their existing SIM card and phone number and can use your app to help segment their mobile usage, separating personal and work calls for example. On top of that they can also use devices that don’t currently have phone capacity, such as tablets, to make and receive calls over wifi.

For you, the key benefits of setting up as an AppVNO are threefold:

– You can launch to a global market and are not tied down to specific geographies.
– You can launch an MVNO style service more easily and sometimes in markets where old-fashioned MVNOs struggle to pass the regulatory framework.
– Whether as an MNO, an existing MVNO, or a brand currently outside of the telecoms space, you can launch a new, light service with mass consumer appeal quickly and at low cost.

x-Mobility has been enabling brands with traditional MVNO services, in collaboration with our MNO host Hutchinson Three, for over ten years, but we saw a development in the market and moved to fulfil that requirement.

We have already helped launch MNOs and MVNOs with our AppVNO service that are looking to create new, digital revenues from their international audience that is outside of their core geographic region. We have also launched with brands that can see the value of a fully branded app that will help them to create additional revenues and open up new markets and opportunities.

If you want to find out more about x-Mobility’s AppVNOTM service, then go here. Or if you want to contact us directly, then please see our contact details.